What does compassion really feel like?

Compassion is defined as a strong desire to alleviate suffering and a feeling of deep sympathy for another person. During the clinical trials, we find compassion each month on the 6th floor at the ALS clinic when Gary receives, "the monkey juice" via a lumbar puncture. Our doctors and the ALS team at MGH are the flesh and blood of brilliance mixed with compassion. There is always this positive, humming sense that we are in the presence of beings, that not only WILL find a cure for this god-awful disease but, also can be present with kindness and empathy for Gary. We feel it in our bones each month and know that it- is- real. We receive hugs, hope, personal chit-chat, and so much laughter during those long eight- hour visits. I am awestruck- with this group of gifted medical professionals that are devoted to their calling- feeling that highest purpose in life- to care- for a man who happens to have ALS. There is goodness in the world.

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