No Grit, No Pearl

GRIT. The sound and meaning of the word- GRIT is a perfect metaphor for a person living well -with ALS.

It is an invader or substance that enters the shell of the developing oyster which chemically changes overtime into an iridescent gem- a precious pearl. We have a primal drive to live and rail against fear, or the invader that has taken over our world. Without the daily, deliberate, hard work-or practice of mindfulness, also called GRIT, there will not be the "pearl "of acceptance and a newfound purpose of being. Gary has GRIT. His morning ritual is to flash that big smile in front of the bathroom mirror-thumbs-up-move-breathe-laugh-walk-work . Nothing about this life is sentimental -keep moving, living -in-the-moment- waiting for his pearl to form.

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