Slaying the dragon

ALS is no ordinary, epic, fairy-tale dragon. It can consume the essence and spirit of anyone who gets too close. Unrelenting, formidable and it will take-no-prisoners. We keep the dragon at a distance with the armor and swords of daily rituals, routines and often humor. I feel lucky- because my husband Gary is slow-progressing and we have time to grab each moment with spontaneous trips, dinners with friends and working on creative projects that will sustain us.

We are both private people. This disease will not let us be alone. Now- with a website and a crowdfunding page, we have entered the world of the competitive ASK. It's not my finest trait-asking for help. Not us. Hey-Brene Brown- you talk about the benefits of vulnerability-yikes-this, Asking For Donations For My Husband's Care- is my- Vulnerability -on -steroids! The first thing that we think about each day is how to present our life to the world without self-pity and an honest acceptance of the cards we have been dealt. This is our work in progress and grateful for the opportunity.

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