What's Luck Got To Do With It?

I read a blog that offered a road map to a "lucky-life". The suggestions were simple but, not so easy to follow; leave room for randomness, see the positive, live in the moment, be of service to others, accept failure, create luck through hard work, resign from judgement of yourself and others, surround your life with love and compassion and follow your north star. We have uncovered that sweet-spot and have found LUCK. Gary pushes forward like a locomotive. His daily mantra and personal manifesto is acceptance and a belief in small victories, tiny miracles, and the limitless possibilities that are created from impossible struggles, raw resistance and embracing the darkness that is ever present -each time we take a breath. ALS is an illness that will push and propel a person forward-surpassing the "lucky-life". Instead-your essence becomes like stardust, expanding like the universe. Wishing a Happy Easter and Passover to our family and friends.

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